Shipping info - Delivery times:

Shipping for most Pre-order items will be directly from the warehouse in the USA,
we can ship every 2 weeks from the USA to Europe with our container service !
If you place an order the standard delivery time will take approx. 2-4 weeks.
But Faster shipping is possible on demand ! Contact us for more info.

In 80% of the cases we can ship common Pre-order parts from warehouses in Europe and these will have a shorter delivery time. If you want fast shipping rates, please ask us before placing an order.
When in stock in the EU, fast shipping can be done in approx. 2-5 workdays.

Items in stock are items that we have in stock in Belgium and can be shipped within 24-48 hours after receiving payment.

Shipping & International Shipping Quote:

If you want a Price Quote for (International) Shipping,
please contact us !

Pre-pay on orders:

Ordes below €300,- need to be payed for 50%-100% before we place the order.

Orders between €300,- and €500,- need to be payed for 80%-100% before we place the order.

Orders above €500,- need to be payed for 100% before we place the order.

=> We need to proceed like this because of past experiences.

Payments: We are currently working on an extra option to pay on our webshop, Bancontact. Until then we ask you to pay with the options listed below (these options are shown automatically when you click pay order in your cart):

Payment with PayPal:
Your order can be payed on our account:
Creating an account on PayPal is free and safe.

Payment with bank transfer:
Nothing wrong with the old-fashioned way, you can also pay by transfer from your account to our account.
Our Bank-information will be shown when you click the button to pay in your cart.

Don't mind asking if you want more information before placing an order, we are here to serve you !




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